Virtual Assistant Service Approved Task Categories

Paragon Virtual Services’ virtual assistants, while being good workers, should only be expected to perform selected tasks, in order to keep within the typical assistant role. In an effort to ensure that client expectations are in-line before signing up, here is a list of approved task categories that virtual assistants will perform*.

Category Examples of Approved Tasks Examples of Unapproved Tasks
Data Entry • Creating Expense Reports
• Making Website Content Updates
• Creating Spreadsheet of Contacts for Party
• Creating a List of Banks to Rob
• Creating New Website Pages
• Creating Spreadsheet of Cold-Call Recipients
e-Mail Processing • Organizing Inbox
• Sending e-Mail Messages to Organize Conference
• Sending spam or phising Messages
• Posing as Client (i.e. Sending Messages from Client's Address without “On Behalf of” in the Message)
Purchases/Reservations** • Purchasing Football Tickets
• Purchasing Amazon Items
• Registering for Conferences
• Purchasing a New Car
• Purchasing New Ground Plane for Test Lab
• Registering for Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
Research • Researching Things to do In Milan, Italy
• Researching Chicago’s Best Pizza Joint
• Researching the History of the Berlin Wall
• Researching Brothels in Amsterdam
• Researching Denver’s Best Marijuana Dealer
• Researching the Techniques for Curing Foot Fungus
Scheduling • Scheduling the Big Client Meeting
• Scheduling a Doctor Appointment
• Scheduling Business Meetings
Social Media Posting and Research • Reporting the Top-Trending Twitter Topics at a Given Time
• Posting Pre-Written Tweets/Facebook Posts
• Discovering Follower Numbers/Other Social Media Metrics of Specific Accounts
• Real-Time Trend Reporting
• Writing Tweets/Facebook Posts
• Mining Accounts for User-Identifiable Data
Telephone Calls • Calling to Make Appointments
• Calling Airlines/Hotels/Restaurants to Make or Change Reservations
• Calling to Solve Problems
• Calling to Gather Information
• Calling Doctor to Ask about Test Results
• Calling to Complain about Airline/Hotel/Restaurant Service
• Calling to Make Threats
• Cold-Calling Unsuspecting Customers or Acting as an Answering Service
Travel Research and Booking • Researching Flights to Vienna
• Purchasing Airline Tickets
• Researching the Best Hotel in Honolulu
• Booking a Rental Car/Car to the Airport
• Acting as a Travel Agent for the Whole Team
• Creating a Day-to-Day Itinerary for a Trip to Zürich***
• Creating Themed Travel Packages
• Booking a Private Jet

*This list is merely an example of tasks that may or may not be performed. The final decision lies on the virtual assistant, following consultation with the client and management. For specific guidance as to the acceptability of a task, please contact us. Virtual assistants should not be expected to perform any task that would violate federal, state, or local laws of either the assistant or the client, nor should the virtual assistant be expected to perform tasks that are considered immoral by a reasonable person. Any tasks requiring specific industry knowledge, proper licensing, or advanced education should not be expected of virtual assistant.

**Although there will not be a purchase limit, common sense would be appreciated (for example, virtual assistant should not be expected to purchase excessively expensive equipment ($10,000+) or items that would require specialized industry knowledge to make an informed purchase decision). Additionally, in cases of purchases over $1,000, virtual assistant must receive written authorization from client before purchase will be made. In cases of purchases over $2,000, virtual assistant reserves the right to check for lower-priced alternative before requesting authorization, unless written authorization to spend more than $2,000 is given at the time the request is submitted.

***Although virtual assistants may book flights and hotels and create a detailed itinerary for each of those items; for a vacation or large meeting, virtual assistant should not be expected to plan client's entire trip, as a tour guide or travel agent would.

****Federal laws prohibit the forging of a signature or posing as another person. All tasks which would expect or require the virtual assistant to forge the client's signature, or to pose as the client, would not be allowed.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign-up for virtual assistant services, please contact us.